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A visit to Pašman does not have to be just a tour of its waves and beaches. Island because it allows one to cross it along and across, with cycle paths that, through their intersection with the entire body of the island, leave an adventure pattern on it. All you have to do is go bold and go, because every effort will be rewarded 100 times any way you go.

The winding path stretches along the old olive groves, climbs the hills, descends into secret coves, and at least one surprise lurks behind every corner. Nearby caves hide the caves and stone remains of ancient times, and scattered beads along the path make every appearance of a small church or stone farmhouse. Interwoven paths lead to the beautiful nature of the island, where every breath brings the aroma of wild sage and other fragrant vegetation of the Mediterranean.

Depart in the early morning, in the dreamy magic of a mysterious green island, greet the Kornati from beautiful vistas and descend along centuries-old dry walls to hidden beaches and touch the sea.


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