Biograd on Sea

Enjoy the town of Biograd located opposite the island of Pašman!

While completing the work of shaping the Earth, the Creator notices that he holds in his hand a handful of human cradles of intended beauty.

Stunned by the unmistakable blue of the sea, which he had pulled deep into the skirts of Europe an hour earlier, he had dropped all his remaining beauties in the middle of the Adriatic. According to legend, a landscape has emerged that has been dominated by the town of Biograd for an eternity.

Formerly the crowning city of Croatian kings, Biograd na moru is today a famous tourist and especially nautical center in the heart of the Adriatic coast.
The small town (town), which has grown to a size suitable for human life, lies on a peninsula surrounded by modern marinas and a waterfront that offers an unforgettable view of one of the most picturesque sea straits, the Pasman Channel and the islands scattered throughout it.

Interesting geographical position in the heart (heart) of the Adriatic coast, surrounded by national parks and nature parks, a long tourist tradition, and rich tourist, cultural, sports and hospitality offer are just some of the reasons for choosing Biograd as a destination for an interesting and dynamic vacation.