Byzantine fortress Pustograd Tkon

A prehistoric fort that you should definitely see!

On the Putograd hill, above the Zaklopica bay, there was a fort, dating from the 6th century, and below which was the original settlement.

During the Byzantine Empire, it served as a military stronghold to monitor and guard the Pasman and Zadar Canal against pirates. The inhabitants of the village fled from the attacks, hiding in the fort. The fort was built of stone blocks several meters thick and with minimal windows / openings for protection. Inside the walls was a two-storey building. Fort Pustograd is registered in the Register of Cultural Property of the Republic of Croatia at the Ministry of Culture.

The hiking trail to Pustograd is arranged and marked tourist-hiking trail that leads from the ferry port Tkon to the fort on the hill Pustograd above the bay Zaklopica (southeast part of the island). The top of the hill is at 108m / nm. The first “asphalted” part of the trail, with a height difference of 20 m and a length of 4,000 m, mostly leads the hiker by the sea.

It separates into the interior of the island at Bartovica Beach. The altitude difference of “scraping” part of the trail is 88 m, length is approximately 300 m, and it takes about 30 minutes to climb. However, this information should not mislead anyone as the terrain is heavy and rough and requires good footwear and hiking poles. For those who do not have them, handy sticks are prepared at the beginning of the course. Use the track at your own risk!
The path leads along the rugged Dalmatian round stone house (bunju), which served as a shelter for sheep as a shelter for inclement weather. On the hill are the walls of a military fort built on the foundations of Byzantine-era buildings (6th century). This place was an important observation point from which the Pašman and Zadar canals were monitored and protected.
At the top the visitor will be rewarded with a beautiful panoramic view. From the north to the south you can see the northern Velebit, Sveto Brdo and Crnopac, and Biograd and Lake Vransko as in the palm of your hand. Then Vrgada, Zirje, Kornat (Metlina and Ploca), Veliki Bokolj (the highest peak of Pasman) and Zadar.