Love Island – Galešnjak

The heart of the world is placed under the Pašman skirts. Just in the middle of the canal of the same name, right by the side of the low pearl, three islets called Bisage, we find a mystical and enchanting island. The island is this, if you look from the sea, which is not much different from its relatives. But if you decide to follow the path of a curious seagull, you will notice that its outlines change at once.

You were not fooled. It’s the heart. A heart that has been jealously guarding its Pašman for thousands of years. There are only three heart-shaped islands in the whole world, but only Galešnjak never really changes its shape. Neither the winter tides nor the high tides, not even the Velebit storm, could find a way to harm this beauty.

The Galešnjak gives, not asks. He hugs you with his being and as if to say, Man, love me.


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