Varied gastronomy

Gastronomy – When a fishing tradition with onerous effort is lost in one place, the result cannot be missed, so a regular lunch is a delicious treat on a regular basis. The aromas and tastes of Pašman will inspire everyone only on the island, where the quiet rhythm of life and listening to nature emphasize the essential – a family meal that brings together generations, when the beauty of simplicity is reflected in food prepared with love. For centuries, the sea has nourished the region with fish and shellfish, and has supplemented the mainland with savory snacks such as rabbit or pheasant stew and sweetened old fig and mendulas with a good drop of local wine.

The hospitality of the people guarantees that everything is shared with the visitors, so whether dinner is prepared by the host or eaten on the terrace of the restaurant, the true experience of gastronomy in the Pašman region is indispensable.

An experiance

An experience that is complemented by a lifestyle where the best of its fruits is harvested in a small country, and peaks, nets and long lines steal the most delicious snacks from the sea. Sea bass skillfully cooked on grills and stewed with homemade olive oil, just steps from where it is eaten, is not just a piece of fish. Behind every meal is a story, whether that fragrant piece was caught by an old fisherman with his grandson, who first brought him into the fish, or that this morning, a neighbor handed over another stalk of chard, which was so nicely placed in a bowl on the table. The harmony of human coexistence with nature gives every visitor of Pašman a unique opportunity to taste and enjoy healthy food prepared with love.

So come and let Pasman win you over with gastronomic delights, you won’t be sorry.


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