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A place to rest you will never forget!

The Pasman Riviera is the perfect vacation for you. Your paradise.

Modern and newly built apartment Lana is located in the settlement Kraj on the island of Pasman, on the pebbly beach, and only 100 m away from the famous sandy beach Tratica, one of the most beautiful beaches on this island.

In the municipality of Pašman, the story begins from Kraj. This is where a bankuc or šijavica is played on every portun, and the children for the Old Year continue to fill the year with half-pots. Nature has spilled its golden mantle here, so it decides to settle down near the old Franciscan monastery of the 13th century and give us the sandy beach Tratica, which is the longing of every child on a hot summer afternoon.

However, even though houses are being built by the sea in recent times, as if everyone is running away from the fields and the forest, the Krajans are returning to their old grandmothers’ yards with their Misulić, under the warm fuscan to awaken those scents of black cuisine, home-made bread and wine. fresh fish and old games. Well, the old and the young rejoice, and Misulic comes down as if he were living his youth again.

Informacije za rezervaciju:

Viber, Whatsapp: +385 98 322083

Adresa: Kraj 138D, 23212 Pašman, Hrvatska