On the isle of Galešnjak, people lived 7,000 years ago

ON THE GALAŠNJAK, an islet in the Pašman Channel planetary known for its heart-shaped shape, has been inhabited by humans in the distant past, a little more than 7000 years ago, in the older phase of the younger Stone Age, the latest discovery by the research team of the Department of Archeology at the University of Zadar A few days ago, in an underwater area between the islets of Ričul and Galešnjak, at a depth of six meters, he discovered an ancient huge rectangular structure built of larger amorphous stone.

“The construction dates from a period when the sea level was about five meters lower than it is today. This demanding construction project, about 80 meters long, was carried out by a prehistoric community to bridge the shallow waters of that time and reach and settle in Galešnjak. It happened somewhere. between 6100 and 5400 BC, as evidenced by the findings of so-called impresso ceramics, “explains Dr. Sc. Mato Ilkić.

It is, he says, an older Neolithic when people did not yet know metal. However, they were engaged in livestock and farming, and part of their food was obtained from the sea. Only a few of their settlements in northern Dalmatia are known so far. Besides Crni vril and Smilčić, it is also one locality in the Nin area. They are now joined by Galešnjak, an islet along which the great blueness preserves the oldest underwater structure in the Croatian part of the Adriatic.

Source: HINA

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